…who are you, really?

So here I am, in the middle of huge changes all around, earthquakes, volcanoes, flash-floods, droughts, immense wild-fires, hail-storms, out-of-your-mind thunderstorms with plasma-lightnings that make nights look like it’s the middle of the day…..  and all this change of our ‘physical’ world that is going on is just the beginning. Frightening? I admit, yes. But […]

On Emotions.

    OK, I admit, lately I am not really in a mood to write a lot. That does not mean I wouldn’t have to share a lot….. but I feel myself switching to energetic ‘transmission’ and rather telepathic communication….. Granted, that does not function very well for a blog. So I consider myself extremely […]

On Health, once more. (dedicated)

— this post is dedicated to one person in particular, however: since the content of the video is very valuable and interesting,  I decided to share it visible for all. — Dearest one, please watch this, at least the first half of it, till about minute 40…. I posted once before about QHHT, Quantum Healing […]

It’s Vital, and Safe.

  I want to share this video that I came across, because this guy absolutely NAILS it. He expresses in his own authentic style ( !!! ) very well what my journey has been about since my childhood — My Essence, my own “Rainbow-theory” — and what ‘awakening’ truly is all about — and indeed […]

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