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Week#1: New Worlds
Absolutely fascinating. Here I am, one year later than my very first blog ever, after I took the bold decision[...]
What if…..
... so.... what if you first ask yourself what you would like more of in your life.... .... and what[...]
..... and so, I, little girl from a small town in Belgium, found myself on the beautiful, magical island of[...]
MasterKey, anyone?
Anyone reading this that does NOT want to change (aspects of) his/her life ..... especially in these turbulent times we[...]
Dream on, it’s real!
Yes, I am a dreamer. So are you. Actually, we all are. Think about it, really: there is nothing in this[...]
Yes, it works !!!!
All that work and 'stuff' we learn and do in the MasterKey Experience, does it really work, you might still[...]
‘It’ is doing.
So OK, I have been quiet for a while blog-wise. Not because I dropped out, or because nothing happened. Quite[...]
From Chains to Change
I'm sure you are familiar with the feeling of 'being tied up', 'being chained' to behavior or 'feeling of identity'[...]
Week 26/27: On and on and on.
On I go..... faithfully doing all my readings and sits and inner work, and applying it to the core. No:[...]
Week 25: I continue.
How could I not, continue I mean. the 'official' part of the MasterKey/MasterMind is over, but truly those six months[...]
Week 24: I DeServe.
--- And yes, once more and all over again I am in absolute AWE about 'my' wonderful 'Universe' and it's[...]
Week 23: Contemplating….
So here I am not knowing what nor how to write anything, really. Since last week, I feel I have[...]
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viola, voice, dance , harp and energy-work, that’s me. Passionate about inner and outer nature and the connections in between, using sound as a tool to create, manifest, transform and heal. Healing artist, Artistic healer.
8 is my number, learning about the power within and how to use it.

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