On Emotions.

    OK, I admit, lately I am not really in a mood to write a lot. That does not mean I wouldn’t have to share a lot….. but I feel myself switching to energetic ‘transmission’ and rather telepathic communication….. Granted, that does not function very well for a blog. So I consider myself extremely […]

On Health, once more. (dedicated)

— this post is dedicated to one person in particular, however: since the content of the video is very valuable and interesting,  I decided to share it visible for all. — Dearest one, please watch this, at least the first half of it, till about minute 40…. I posted once before about QHHT, Quantum Healing […]

It’s Vital, and Safe.

  I want to share this video that I came across, because this guy absolutely NAILS it. He expresses in his own authentic style ( !!! ) very well what my journey has been about since my childhood — My Essence, my own “Rainbow-theory” — and what ‘awakening’ truly is all about — and indeed […]

My Essence

….. and then all of a sudden, everything ‘falls into place’, all is ‘in alignment’, ‘magical timing’ kind of ‘imposes’ itself…. and you see several threads from the past (people, places, objects, opportunities, projects, inner states, ….) come together in truly magical experiences.

Some ‘resonances’

As we are moving through extremely transformative ‘times’ collectively (as I sense it — even with the whole planet involved), that take a lot of my energy ‘inwards’, I simply wanted to share some thingies I came across lately that highly resonate with me. So here we go, meditate on them if you so choose […]

Fragile Strength

As I move forward on my path and get stronger inside, deeper layers that were hidden until now come forward. It takes a lot of strength to get to the most inner fragile core. It has not been easy lately, not at all. My Heroes Journey is leading me into totally unknown territory. That is […]


Turning inside deeper and deeper. Into the silence of my Heart. What am I still pretending not to know, not to feel, not to hear, not to see? Where do I still renounce myself?  Exercising ‘surrendering’: allowing ‘stuff’ in my outer — and inner world — to crumble down and disappear, and reveal the yet […]

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