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Some thoughts
As I navigate through some extremely intense and interesting 'times' and you might easily say 'portals into new realities', my[...]
Week#23: Ripple-effect
Throw one stone in the water and observe.... the ripple-effect that spreads, reaching places you could not have imagined, or[...]
Week#22a: Silence, please…
Woopsss.... as I was advancing quite steadily and lately with accelerated pace on my path, following my inner compass (that[...]
Week#22: Jump, and…?
So.... I'm on yet another Hero's Journey, and found myself contemplating the act of 'stepping into the unknown', aka 'jump'[...]
Week#21: Back to basics.
... well, what to say... as I continue to travel and spiral deeper into new stages of consciousness, about several[...]
Week#20: Looking back one year…
Like Janus, looking back and forward at the same time, in the eternal Now, I want to share my Week 20[...]
Week#19: Awareness
... so many events and understandings and aha-moments these days.... Suddenly also a much more deeper awareness and understanding about[...]
Week#18: What am I pretending?
A few significant events in my life lately (inner and outer) brought a question to my mind. Ok, we are[...]
#Week17a: Little reminder to self
My life is propelling me towards who I will to be in light-speed lately. And seems I definitely have been[...]
Week#17: Well Organized …. :)
Well-well ... funny..... here I was, sitting, thinking about what I would blog about this week... so much going on,[...]
Week#16: Free Hugs
This week, the whole MasterKey-course group focussed on 'kindness', because what you focus on, you get aware of inside, it[...]
Week#15: Allowing what is
This week I have mainly been practicing 'Allowing what Is'. There is some kind of tornado passing through me, sweeping[...]
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viola, voice, dance , harp and energy-work, that’s me. Passionate about inner and outer nature and the connections in between, using sound as a tool to create, manifest, transform and heal. Healing artist, Artistic healer.
8 is my number, learning about the power within and how to use it.

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