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Some ‘resonances’

As we are moving through extremely transformative ‘times’ collectively (as I sense it — even with the whole planet involved), that take a lot of my energy ‘inwards’, I simply wanted to share some thingies I came across lately that highly resonate with me. So here we go, meditate on them if you so choose […]

Fragile Strength

As I move forward on my path and get stronger inside, deeper layers that were hidden until now come forward. It takes a lot of strength to get to the most inner fragile core. It has not been easy lately, not at all. My Heroes Journey is leading me into totally unknown territory. That is […]


Turning inside deeper and deeper. Into the silence of my Heart. What am I still pretending not to know, not to feel, not to hear, not to see? Where do I still renounce myself?  Exercising ‘surrendering’: allowing ‘stuff’ in my outer — and inner world — to crumble down and disappear, and reveal the yet […]

Week§22a: the Cyclone

This week I’m sharing again … 🙂 … I ‘bump into’ so many posts and testimonials lately that describe so well what ‘it is all about’….. and I am extremely grateful for that, because that means the the ripple-effect is truly ‘taking off’ and that the tipping-point of the ‘critical mass’-theory is approaching with giant […]

Week§22: On Truth

I just came across this article, and I felt like sharing it because it is a subject that is close to my heart as well, something I can really relate to on many levels and that I have been (and still am) meditating on a lot. And I think it is really valuable for just […]


(OK….. speaking through the words of someone else, because I could not state it better, it describes my -our– journey perfectly. Love beyond love, always.) “There is a place I go it’s the past and the future all at once Yet beyond space and time A portal to the universe You meet me there to […]

Week§18: On Health

As I am meditating a lot on ‘truth’, on listening to the truth of my heart and the wisdom of my body and following my inner compass, the link between living your truth, being in truth and ‘being able to’ (= allowing yourself to) speak your truth and physical health became more and more clear, […]