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I got 'struck' by a selection of 'lightnings' lately (again.... story of my life since a while as it seems...),[...]
… oh ….
.... this just popped up in my mind, with an 'urgency to share'-label attached to it.... :   "Dearest One....[...]
I bumped into a version of this epic song that I didn't know. And it made me contemplate even more.[...]
No words needed. (in Kotten, WW, 9/2/19 - 20/2/19)[...]
on “TwinFlames”
I came across an interesting read for whomever wonders about this intriguing 'theme'. Personally I resonate a LOT with it,[...]
to wrap it all up.
I have posted a few times before about QHHT, Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy, 'conceived' by Dolores Cannon . I recently[...]
the ‘Why’.
Sharing a text that is absolutely 'spot-on', and the 'why' of everything lived 'on the journey', the 'why' I even[...]
On … a few things.
It's been a while.... diving deep, deeper than ever before. Sensing and discovering so much... wanting to share so much,[...]
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viola, voice, dance , harp and energy-work, that’s me. Passionate about inner and outer nature and the connections in between, using sound as a tool to create, manifest, transform and heal. Healing artist, Artistic healer.
8 is my number, learning about the power within and how to use it.

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