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My Essence
..... and then all of a sudden, everything 'falls into place', all is 'in alignment', 'magical timing' kind of 'imposes'[...]
Some ‘resonances’
As we are moving through extremely transformative 'times' collectively (as I sense it -- even with the whole planet involved),[...]
Fragile Strength
As I move forward on my path and get stronger inside, deeper layers that were hidden until now come forward.[...]
Only one more monkey…?
'My calm, relaxed state of mind gives me instant acces to infinite intelligence, and to the truth of my heart.' [...]
Turning inside deeper and deeper. Into the silence of my Heart. What am I still pretending not to know, not[...]
Week§22a: the Cyclone
This week I'm sharing again ... :) ... I 'bump into' so many posts and testimonials lately that describe so[...]
Week§22: On Truth
I just came across this article, and I felt like sharing it because it is a subject that is close[...]
Week§21: Shifting….
(.... shifting once more, growing, moving massively and rapidly lately, 'saying it' with images this week, they express my inner[...]
(OK..... speaking through the words of someone else, because I could not state it better, it describes my -our-- journey[...]
Week§19: So Grateful.
I am. SO grateful for the MasterKey-course, for jumping right into it in 2015, when I was just barely coming[...]
Week§18: On Health
As I am meditating a lot on 'truth', on listening to the truth of my heart and the wisdom of[...]
Week§17b: On Love
"...what IS love....?" I heard someone utter a little while ago, with an undertone of bitternes, resignation, defeat, resentment even....[...]
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viola, voice, dance , harp and energy-work, that’s me. Passionate about inner and outer nature and the connections in between, using sound as a tool to create, manifest, transform and heal. Healing artist, Artistic healer.
8 is my number, learning about the power within and how to use it.

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