(OK….. speaking through the words of someone else, because I could not state it better, it describes my -our– journey perfectly. Love beyond love, always.) “There is a place I go it’s the past and the future all at once Yet beyond space and time A portal to the universe You meet me there to […]

Week§18: On Health

As I am meditating a lot on ‘truth’, on listening to the truth of my heart and the wisdom of my body and following my inner compass, the link between living your truth, being in truth and ‘being able to’ (= allowing yourself to) speak your truth and physical health became more and more clear, […]

Week§17: Some sharing

This week I wanted to share a few blog-posts from my tribe-members in the MasterKey Experience. I’m blessed with such a wonderful dedicated group… 🙂 …. they all are very inspirational, wonderfully growing on their own path, every one of them in their own way and pace, getting rid of and overcoming all kinds of […]

Week§13: Get Real.

This week, I wanted to share this video I just stumbled on ‘by coincidence’…. please watch it completely, take the time, give yourself this time, this ‘present’ (pun intended). If you do not ‘believe’ in astrology, just listen anyway, because what he says is of incredible value for all of us, with or without any ‘planets’ […]

Week§12: Dance.

This week, I chose to share this ‘oracle’ that I came across just 2 days ago, ‘by coincidence’…. (oh, I just LOVE those synchronicity’s that ‘appear’ when we are ‘on the right track of the soul’…..) …. and I have nothing to add. Read it, re-read it, soak it all in…. and let it do […]

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