I bumped into a version of this epic song that I didn’t know. And it made me contemplate even more. Do we really know what it’s all about, in essence? You think you ‘get’ it, that you know ‘your path’, that your choices are ‘what they are supposed to be’ (according to what/who, of course……) But do you really know what the essence of Love is…… Or do you keep hanging on onto and believing in what society turned it into for the benefit of…. well, not of the Soul, really…

“I didn’t come to ‘teach’ you, I came to Love you. Love will teach you.”

Personally I made it my striving to make my choices from the Love the is the Love of the Soul, the Truth of the Heart (by nature serving the highest good of ALL, even if we can not see how that can be with our limited ego-minds, so surrendering is needed, a LOT of that…), even if that seems completely opposite of what it ‘should be’ (according to ‘society-rules’ …). Yes, that is going ‘against the grain’ of so many, but what is more important…. being true to yourself and in essence therefor being really true to everyone else and Life…. or keep on staying stuck in a bunch of webs of lies that in essence (again…) actually everyone knows very well that it’s all lies but are SO afraid of getting out of (because we would loose our masks and/or perceived ‘securities‘?) …. even if stopping the whole charade would finally bring healing and a better Life and a better world, and actually True Love, towards everyone…..?

I wonder…. what is most loving, to ALL….? Making each other sick and exhausting ourselves to keep ‘the web(s)’ up….?

When did lying become more loving than being true…? Than being truly respectful? Than truly honoring each-other? And no, ‘avoiding hurt’ is not the justification… if only more people would actually be courageous enough to truly feel the hurt that is imposed on everyone due to all those lies, continuously…. and that in fact only keeps on getting worse …. until the wound can no longer stay hidden and closed….. This happens anyway, we all know that on a deeper level, unconsiously, at some point….. so isn’t it funny, our collective ‘thoughts’ and behavior around what we ‘think’ Love is? See how I put ‘thoughts’ and ‘think’ in between  ” ……… how compatible is thinking with Love…..? Isn’t that really….. ‘laughable’……? Lies being ‘the favorite work of art’……? Your ‘weak mouth’ that is too afraid to speak the truth…? Is that ‘smart’…?

And in one ‘go’, kind of demonizing the ones that actually do want to live in truth, making them feel like if they are the criminals…. shutting them down, trying to pretend they do not exist, making them ‘disappear’ even…. how ‘funny’ is that….

Just wondering and contemplating all of that…. it is all making me so extremely sad that it is becoming hilarious, almost…. and most probably turn ‘my looks laughable’ … oh and most definitely ‘un-photographable’….

but so…. WHAT is serving the most…..?

“True Love does no harm and tells no lies.” J. St.Claire. Personally, I agree….

And so I’m curious….. how does this read land on you? Did you even make it until here…? If so, I sincerely applaud you. And now, are you willing to at least ‘hear into’ what your soul’s inner nudges want to tell you about it? Do you feel what this does to you? Are you able to ‘stay with that’ at least for a few moments, even if it hurts, so you can finally start to truly remember who you are.… and start revealing yourself as the magnificently beautiful soul you truly are? Are you courageous enough to finally embrace yourself as that, and start living as it, step up ….for the benefit of all and everything around you? And so much more….. I guess I’m mainly curious… to find out who you really are, what material are you truly made of….? What does integrity mean to you?

Or… was I wrong about you, your core, your true essence….? My Heart tells me that I’m not. Yet it feels and sees a lot of suffering, heaviness, being ‘buried’ in a way, under a stack of lack of recognition, ‘scars’, a pile of lies, a lot of hurt, old and newer, a deep craving for that True Love, for being allowed to both feel and express it as it IS, craving true warmth, true connection and intimacy, deep sensuality and honesty, a deep longing to be truly authentically ‘you’ in a way that you probably don’t even know yet consciously that you actually are, since that nature of your has been denied and therefor deeply hidden for so long…. I see and feel so much pretending in an attempt to ‘cope’….dimming your in essence gorgeous and extremely bright radiance… And that and so much more, is not funny… it makes me almost unbearably, un-speakably sad……

(written in a deep state of Love, immense tenderness, deep introspection and sincere concern.)

“You…. are so beautiful… when you are open — it is easy to see the tenderness inside — the hidden mystery … your vulnerability … and the garden of Love — the seed that holds the whole Truth.”  Guthema Robe

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