Week§2: Stability

Been contemplating ‘stability’ lately after hearing someone stating this:

“I need stability in my life to feel fine” — as seemingly being a core-need.

First of all…. is ‘feeling fine’ what life is really about? How about… thrilled, exhilarated, intensely alive and kicking and soaked in profound well-being and bliss, over the moon with joy, even if –yes…–  that may come with feeling challenged and growing-pains every now and again?

But even so, even if  ‘fine’ is what you’r after…. what IS that stability that you are looking for? And, maybe more important, WHERE is that to be found and how?

Is it truly the outer material ‘stuff’ that provides stability? When you think deeper: in the core, all there is is energy, constantly in motion by its nature of vibrating at specific frequencies. And yes, therefor everything that exists is perpetually changing and morphing even if not perceivable for our senses. All that lives is constantly evolving. And that is a great thing. Imagine you would NOT evolve: you would still be not even trying to stumble around in diapers ….

Hey, …isn’t that  funny…. so what is stable here? Change.

Now I really have to wonder why or when most of humanity seems to have taken on the belief that change automatically leads to ‘worse than before’? And therefor needs to be feared and escaped from by all might ? I could write probably a whole book on this, but I’ld rather you think for yourself, your own reasons….

Anyway, our outer circumstances are created by our inner state of being, our mind — with some time-delay. So what we see around us, is what we on some level have thought and felt (needed) in the past. Inner evolution never stops (even if we are not always aware of it, and it can seem VERY slowly) and inevitably there comes a time where the ‘outer material world’ has out-served its purpose (whatever that was) and does not fit the current inner state of mind anymore. The discrepancy between the evolved energy inside and the slower outside matter has become unsustainable, ready to change. And isn’t it funny that at that moment, when on the inside things have become more alive and aware because of the ongoing inner evolution and therefor the ‘shell’ on the outside does not fit anymore (which can create unrest and unease — growing-pains),  so many try to buy into the illusion that by keeping the outer world ‘stuck’, trying to keep everything in place as it once served and suited, they will be able to ‘feel fine’ again.

This would be like a butterfly trying to develop its wings and to fly inside the cocoon of the caterpillar…. Imagine how ‘fine’ that feels….

As I pondered on about what ‘stability’ is then if not ‘outer material’, I can not come to another conclusion than this: it’s a state of mind. The ‘all-embracing Faith’, the truth of our Heart, that KNOWS that all is safe, that KNOWS the answers, always, knows that there are no mistakes, no ‘wrong’ choices. There are only infinite ways we teach ourselves (in blissful ways if we so choose…) on our way of becoming more and more conscious, more and more Human, more Alive: our intuition. The answer to fear never is yet another mental desperate plan to ‘keep things put and stable’ to ‘survive’. That, in fact, in a way already is ‘dead’. Because it goes 180° against nature’s stable law of permanent change…. maybe ‘st-ability’ is the ability to ‘flow’….


And maybe…

stability is deeply rooted in the core of ‘us’, of our ‘soul’ as ….Love, all embracing love that allows all changes to be and happen as needed, blissfuly if we can step out of the need to resist change because or our fears. And maybe…. it is most of all Self-Love. Stably rooted in our core, unconditionally accepting ourselves, loving ourselves enough to allow us to truly be happy, and therefor grow and evolve and blossom and accept and make the changes that bring us just that…..

By the way….. we can only love another to the degree that we love ourselves….

Now, this is one of the definition a dictionary has to say about ‘stability’:

“resistance to chemical change or to physical disintegration” ….. ins’t that funny…. stability = resistance … chemical change and physical disintegration is an ongoing process, it’s just energy flowing and constantly morphing, Life….. ‘disintegration’ is not necessarily a ‘bad’ thing when you truly think about it….  so why resist it by becoming ‘rigidly stable’? Observe how many people ‘literally’ become rigid…. first the mind and then the body….nice and ‘stable’….
… is THAT the type of ‘rigid stability’ that could make you ‘feel fine’?
….just me pondering and wondering….. here’s to Blissful Change grounded in and nurtured by Unconditional All-Embracing Eternal Stable Love.
I keep on shedding old skin, stably changing, stably loving ….stably upgrading towards….

Bas les Masques!
metallic pastel
G; van Assche




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Hi Dominica I looked up “stability” too… “the state of being stable” so then I looked up “stable”… “sane and sensible; not easily upset or disturbed”. Looks like stability is an inside job… thought provoking post thank you 🙂

    Dominica Eyckmans

    yes, it’s an inside job. definitely 🙂 Stably rooted 🙂 Of course I picked one particular meaning in my post that I stumbled on because I found it most intriguing 😉

Marj B

Dominica, my friend…I always love reading your posts, and sensing your growth and hearing your intuition. Peace…

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