Time to let go.

It’s time to ‘let go’. Let go of everything that is not ‘me’ anymore, old and even not so old ‘stuff’ that surfaced thanks to all my inner work that brought me closer and closer to My Essence.

It’s ‘funny’ how we keep carrying on ‘dust’ with us that we KNOW does not belong with us anymore for quite some time, years even….. just because we got so ‘used to it’, to ‘be like that’, to ‘behave like that’…… even if it has become so evident that it simply does not suite us anymore, and even blocks us, keeps us ‘down’.

Sure, it has been there for a reason, most often it was a protection of some kind, a layer — a ‘mask’ — that we put on as a reaction to some kind of pain, long ago…..

Doing the work gradually makes it very clear what TRULY is our essence and who we really are, deep down in that core, and evidently what feelings, behavior and ultimately what circumstances and even people ‘belong’ with us, because their frequency ‘matches’ our core. Not our ‘false, protective layers’ — all fear-based, when you really think about it deep — but our true Self.

Those and that what truly matches us ‘by nature’, and not forced or as a result of (however subtle) manipulation, will automatically be there, or get drawn to us. By our core-frequency, no effort required.

What does not ‘match’ anymore — in essence, parts of our ‘old’ or ‘false’ self — falls away, just as effortlessly, once we TRULY face ourselves, and acknowledge and fully embrace that most inner jewel. And that, is the time to say ‘goodbye, farewell, I set you free now, you can go. Thanks for everything, love, all the best.’ Strange how it still can take quite some time, but then suddenly: it’s time. You ‘shift’.

Yes, that is also the time we enter ‘no-mans-land’. A place of wonder, empty — but actually: bliss truly — and ready to be filled with all the wonderful new behaviors, people, events, adventures, circumstances and things that truly are ‘ours’ by nature.

I wanted to share a little video (based on a live-recording way back in 2010), to say ‘goodbye’. It may be quite intense, if it stirs some emotions, tears maybe, anger, grief, sadness, bitterness, resentment, guilt, …….qll of which isn’t You…. let it flow……. express what needs to be expressed….. and then let it go.  If it DID trigger something, that something was there, (deep) inside you, just waiting for you to release it. Holding on to it, is the root of all illness. Love yourself, the way you’ve always (secretly) longed to be loved. All of it, All of You. Act on it. There is no other way. It’s your foremost ‘duty’ in this life. Your heart knows, remember who You are, and Be it. This is what makes any kind of magic happen. The ‘someone’ (besides “you”), the ‘something’, ‘somehow’ and ‘somewhere’ that ‘belong’, become clear.

Make room for the new You, a new life. Who knows, we might meet there…..


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