Week§11: Time to Go.

Beautiful synchronicity ….  as I was contemplating and investigating Kundalini-rising I also ‘by coincidence’ stumbled on this video:

I wish I could also post this video upside-down…. as within, so without, as above so below: my inner work brought me deeper and deeper ‘down’, and at the same time higher and higher ‘up’, as the ‘inner snake’ was doing its work. Even if that was not quite ‘clear’ all the time and confusion took over for a while.

And then I stumble on this:

“In any given moment, we have two options: to step forward into growth or back into safety.” (Abraham Maslow)

And this triggered some more contemplation on one of my own blogs from a few weeks ago: the only true ‘safe’ way to go is ….. growth, as in ‘change’. What is usually perceived as ‘safety’, is really not as ‘safe’ as we might think and hope in our fear-based-minds, since nothing is ‘stable’, and ‘change’ is the universal Law…. So if we choose ‘safety’, we inevitably will be ‘rattled out of it’ by Life (our Soul….) itself, sooner or later, however hard we try to prevent that. Because that’s its aim. Our aim, even if we do not want to see that for whatever reason. Therefor: by choosing growth consciously and willingly stepping forward and ‘up’, transitions are WAY more ‘safe’ than by trying with all might to stay put… and ‘wait’ for the inevitable ‘outer event’ to shake us out of it — at that time, most often, with ‘force’……  a force that is equally strong as the one we use to try to prevent it. In truth, we are only battling ourselves. (‘forgetting’ very conveniently the effect that has around us)

Seeing this video, it ‘hit’ me, once more, and so many events in my ‘life’ lately made sense, Self-Support and moving with the flow is all there truly is.

So: I already had one foot in the other world for a while now, time to get the other foot on the same shore….. time to move completely into that other world. And say my good-byes to a world I no longer belong in. Good-bye, with gratitude.


(here’s a short excerpt of the Kundalini-link above, it might be useful to some to read this, in case clicking the link is not an option for whatever reason: “Kundalini awakening can trigger a wide range of phenomena, both positive and negative.  It can cause significant changes in the physical, emotional, sensate and psychic capacities, cause stress in vulnerable areas of the body, open the heart and mind to major shifts in perspective,  and cause many  unique and unfamiliar sensations including shaking, vibrating, spontaneous movement, visions, and many other phenomena.”. I DO however encourage to read the whole article for better understanding.)

“Love yourself the way you were always meant to be loved.”

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