Week§13: Get Real.

This week, I wanted to share this video I just stumbled on ‘by coincidence’…. please watch it completely, take the time, give yourself this time, this ‘present’ (pun intended). If you do not ‘believe’ in astrology, just listen anyway, because what he says is of incredible value for all of us, with or without any ‘planets’ involved. So be patient, and listen, truly listen with your heart, your head, your mind, your soul. Be prepared….


So I’m curious…. how much do you love yourself…? How badly do you REALLY want the goals that are most precious to you — your true heart’s desires — to become reality? Are you truly prepared to face and question all fears, (limiting) belief-systems, negativity, … that are keeping you from manifesting those goals? Are you really prepared to see and accept that there actually may be solutions? However far out-of-your-current-box they may seem? If not … why are you living… ?

And I want to add: that by doing all of the above you actually immensely help everybody around you and many ripple-effect-circles beyond that (with no end, really…) to be able to do the same…?

“Frustrating is…… if the life we’re trying to hold together is just about holding a life together and lacks passion and drive.” And I’ld like to add to that: if it lacks authenticity.

Well, what is so great is…. that the change is going to happen anyway…. the ‘how’ is very much in our own hands….. as within, so without.

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Thanks for sharing Dominica, that video was very intersting !
Joyeux Noël & much love dear guide !

    Dominica Eyckmans

    oh hi dear Marie! Yes, I thought that video was very interesting too, and especially when looking at it with ‘MKE-eyes’n’mind’…. we ARE the creators of our world…..

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