Week§14: New beginnings

OK, originally I planned on creating something new  😉 ….

However, this has been one of the most transformational years of my life so far.

Roller-coaster after roller-coaster. Those who followed me here since the beginning know that I seem to kind of like them … 😀 … yet this whole year truly was the wildest one, so far…  and also over all the most demanding Heroes Journey so far. Something like this 🙂 :

Yep, a LOT of new thoughts and feelings wiring and firing together… 😉

I admit, I nearly ‘lost it’ at times, and I am immensely grateful for having the whole MKE  ‘down my sleeve’ to get me through! And because of that, I find myself in a completely different focus now. No worries, I am not abandoning my creative artistic Me, not at ALL, but I (finally) dove into that other PPN of mine, ‘Liberty’ (and as I just came to realize recently: Autonomy, Spiritual Growth, True Health, Helping Others, and Legacy all tied into it….), and this brings me to a whole new world of inner and outer discoveries. So temporarily you will find me on a different path, seemingly.

New Beginnings, how perfectly timed.

But so for now, I wanted to share what I made last year, since it still is ‘up to date’ anyway 🙂 .. and it also was what sent me off in that epic year of mine, as I see it in retrograde … so … enJoy…. and dream…. what is it You truly want in your life? Or maybe, I should phrase this differently…. what does your Soul truly wishes for you…? Please, open up to that inner voice and listen…. and then start acting upon it….

And for those who are curious about that other passion of mine that I finally allowed myself to fully dive into (and that is completely aligned with my mission and with the video in my previous post, actually something that I have been ‘going on about’ since my childhood even if at that time I could not have a clue about ‘why’ and ‘how’….) watch this… and oh, watch with MKE-eyes…. see the burning desire, the persistence, the vision, the definite major purpose, …. 😉



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