Week§15: ‘Specialized Knowledge’

OK, it’s that Great Franklin-Make-Over-time again in the MasterKey course 🙂

This is always a fascinating 13 weeks, where we focus on one specific virtue every week that we want to improve in ourselves, our lives. This time around, I chose ‘Specialized Knowledge’ from the list to start with, for the obvious reason that I dove into a whole new world that I knew little to nothing about until quite recently, as I mentioned in my previous post. However, of course, I wouldn’t be ‘me’ if I would not immediately go ‘deeper’ and start focussing once more on enhancing further the Specialized Knowledge about mySelf…. how do I REALLY ‘tick’, what is truly going on in my inner mechanisms that creates my life as it is up until now? And so: what exactly can I still improve to make the changes I want, and how?

OK, the Self-Worth-theme that gets reflected in my new Crypto-currency business is a big part of that. Amazing to see how all the work I did on the inside on SelfWorth now literally is ‘materializing’ in my outer world (no complains there…. 😀 … it has been a long enough journey 😀 )

But Specialized Knowledge about myself still goes further than that. I’m also extremely interested in that thing called ‘energy’ (yes, all the frequencies of body, mind, heart, …) and am finding more and more resources popping up ‘on my path’ seemingly ‘out of no-where’… (I definitely must have done something right with that MKE-course over the last few years 😀 ) and so I stumbled on this ‘thingie’ that I wanted to share with you:

“How we see the world and how people see us is strongly shaped by our beliefs. We have beliefs about ourselves, about other people, about love, money, emotions, and relationships.

Most of the time, we assume our beliefs are true-like unchanging facts about the world. From an energy perspective, however, nothing could be further from the truth.

Every time you learn something, new beliefs are created and old beliefs are removed. Yet the feeling that your current beliefs are true remains intact.

That’s pretty funny if you think about it. Your old beliefs were true, then you changed them, and now your new beliefs are true…. at least until you change them again… and decide something else is true.

This works because the world is responding to your beliefs. Whatever you think is true actually is “more true” for you while you hold that belief.

This is great when those beliefs are serving you, but it can be frustrating when they are not. This is especially true with our first impressions and reputation, which are our beliefs that everyone is ‘reading’ (i.e. in your energy-field, and this happens unconsciously, by everyone, we ‘sense’ that, even if we are not aware of that), even if we don’t want them to.

When you understand how beliefs work energetically, you can start whittling away at your old patterns, clean up your presentation to others, and create new experiences in all areas of your life.” Jeffrey Allen

Music to my ears. And with some new-learned energy-techniques to ‘clear’ stuff there, I am really happily busy these days  🙂

And then there is this other majorly important theme of mine… Love…. and also here I stumbled on some interesting ‘specialized knowledge’ that I wanted to share….

…. and this one…



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