Week§16: FreeHugs

It’s that time of the MasterKey Experience course again…. kindness-week, and as a part of that: giving FreeHugs. This year we did it again….. once you get the taste of it, as we did last year, you get addicted 🙂 .

It truly is a magical experience, both ‘outward’, and ‘inward’. The reactions you get, all kinds of it, …. but also your own inner reactions and everything you learn about yourself ‘on the journey’…. it all is absolutely ‘shifting your consciousness’ on so many levels.

So we went for it again, in Brussels, cold or not 🙂 , again with my lovely ‘fellow-guide’ in the program Chiara, and this time also with current member of this year’s course Cristina (she ROCKED it, attracting ‘bees like honey’ with her warm-hearted, lovely nature, beautiful inside and out 🙂 )

So here you go, it’s a tat long, sorry about that…. it’s jus SO fun to watch… Actually, whenever you feel a bit down for whatever reason, watch it, it’s guaranteed to put a smile on your face and in your heart….. (and why not… find a friend or two and go out hugging people yourself…..)

One little ‘story’: at the end there is a scene with a lady in a wheel-chair. That was really awesome: she told that she was told by a bearded-man (that she did not know, and apparently one that we hugged just prior 🙂 ) to go ‘that way’ because there were people giving FreeHugs, and so she did …. 🙂 …



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Thank you for sharing. I really enjoyed it. I love the last part of your story with the lady in the wheelchair. It speaks volumes that so many people want kindness and love and all it takes is for each of us to just give it freely and we will be significantly impacting their lives and most of all telling them that they are valuable and they are worthy of being loved!

Paula Hilbert

This was so much fun to watch. I think we will do this project ourselves, very soon!


thank you dear Dominica for organizing this once again. I would never have done it, without you! I am grateful and my heart sings when I see what we have done:)

    Dominica Eyckmans

    well thank YOU, dear Chiara! I could not do it alone either, and I feel absolutely blessed to be able to do this with you second time in a row! And I do feel that our combined energies, also with Cristina’s, truly did have kind of a ‘mesmerizing’ effect… when I watched everything we recorded, I became even more aware of what truly was going on energy-wise…. so much more things that I saw happening.


      this is Beautiful dear Dominica!!! I also loved seeing it again, it gives another perspective…

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