Week§17: Some sharing

This week I wanted to share a few blog-posts from my tribe-members in the MasterKey Experience. I’m blessed with such a wonderful dedicated group… 🙂 …. they all are very inspirational, wonderfully growing on their own path, every one of them in their own way and pace, getting rid of and overcoming all kinds of perceived limitations, limiting beliefs, ‘opinions’, ‘box-thinking’, ‘boxed-feelings’, fears, …. developing and spreading their wings, flying off into new worlds with tons and tons of courage and persistence, the worlds of their Hearts, their Soul’s dreams…. truly heartwarming to be able to accompany them on their way and to witnes it all kind of ‘first hand’…

They all answered ‘the call’, not once, but over and over again, day after day. They were all only one decision away from that totally different, now vibrant life at one point, and MADE that decision, jumped in the adventure, the Heroes Journey. Yes, it can get ‘ugly’ and ‘horribly difficult’ at times. Yes, you get confronted with yourself. Yes, you have to ‘look into the mirror’ and still love unconditionally what it reflects back to you …. but the reward of doing ‘the Work’ is truly priceless.

So few have the courage and ‘guts’ to truly go for it, to fully dive in, ‘do it now’, persist, show up at every challenge and fork in the road,…… following the Compass of their Hearts. That inner compass, that KNOWS. Following that compass never leads you astray. Yet…. learning to TRUST it, regardless of what the ‘outer world’ wants you to ‘believe’ in appearance is most often the most difficult challenge. But once you do, you can never go back, and most of all: there is NO reason what so ever to go ‘back’. Because… the outer world starts to change, according to your inner world that becomes more and more authentic and True, honest and harmonious. That outer world starts to mold itself, and starts to mirror your Heart’s desire. The True Heart’s desire, not the one you once believed you had to adopt as such and in the end were unable to discern from your REAL inner truth.

So here we go: meet

Keith, Bob, Marie, Bryony, Dorothy,  AnneMarie, Deb, Paula,


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Paula Hilbert

So refreshing to read. Thank you Dominica for such an inspiring read!

Cristina Flueras

I would have love to be part of your tribe too, you huggable, lovely and harmonious person. Always a pleasure to come across your enthUUUsiasm.
Thanks for sharing Dominica !

    Dominica Eyckmans

    oh thank you you lovely bubble of passionate enthuuuuusiastic energy 🙂
    you ARE part of my heart’s tribe 🙂
    love you! xxx (and keep going 😉 )


    That enTHUSSSSIASM is catching on!

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