Week§19: So Grateful.

I am. SO grateful for the MasterKey-course, for jumping right into it in 2015, when I was just barely coming out of what were some of the the ‘darkest’ years of my life. With that notorious ‘oh well, what do I have to loose’-kind-of-feeling.

But I did it, I jumped over a whole lot of fears and initial scepticisme, following that voice inside me, that ‘whisper of my heart’. I ‘answered the call’. The call of my soul that was not taking ‘no’ or ‘wait, not now’, ‘maybe later’, ‘maybe one day’, or ‘anyway, what’s the use…. ‘  for an answer anymore.

I went ‘full in’, 100%, rollercoaster after rollercoaster. Pffiew. NOT easy at times…. but very early on things started ‘shifting’. Events, synchronicity after synchronicity, people ‘popping up out of the blue’ into my life, opportunities knocking on my door…. all aligned with one of the key-ingredients of my Definite Major Purpose: creating my soul’s music, performing it and touching (healing) people’s hearts, cores, souls with it, serving the highest good of All. 

One of those creations got video-taped a little while ago, and I wanted to share it in this MKE-blog, with immense Gratitude to the program.  — And the whole string of sheer ‘magical’ events that lead up to the creation of this piece is an ‘art-work’ in itself (starting only a few weeks after starting the course back then), an ‘artwork of Heart-felt and Heart-lead Life’… love being my guide….and for all of that too and to all the people involved in it (some of them incredibly dear to me, especially both my ‘partners in crime’ in this video): THANK YOU!


(…. and Love beyond Love to You, my dear Mirror-Soul, Always ….)

There is much more to come,  (some of it exists already, some is in the process of being created, and some is already ‘downlading’ in my mind — or rather, ‘up-loading’, from my Heart up-wards). I found ‘my voice’, I promised to ‘let it ring and sing freely, crystal-clear and straight from my Heart, serving the highest good of All’, and I always keep my promises.

So here you go…. ‘Aus tiefer Not’ …. “from the deepest I cry out to You, please hear my calling”…. yes, your soul’s calling….. will YOU answer the call, too….?

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Cristina Flueras

I am so happy to see you are living your bliss. To be an observer of your blossom. You are a true story builder Dominica and such an inspiration for me. Thank you!

Vicki Drobnis

Beautiful! Thank you for sharing!

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