Week§7: I persist….

The rainbow-machinery seems to be (temporarily?) out of order, but…

… “I persist until I succeed” ..


Triggered by hearing someone declare he chooses to ‘stay put’ because the sheer thought of all the steps needed to take transform an ‘OK-life’ into a life of sheer bliss seem ‘unsurmountable’, and therefor out of the question, selling himself and actually everyone around him short.

It still is fascinating to me why so many are so panicked about — and secretly unwilling to –being truly, I mean TRULY happy and full-filled …. Where as, from this fearful, un-loving restrictive and actually extremely egoistic (when you think it really through)  state of mind we indeed are blind to the possibilities of actual smooth transitions –and therefor, for them to show up in our awareness AND outer world — and only refer to ‘history’ and how things have always been and ‘function’…. Yes, self-fulfilling circle-saw-‘thinking’…. Hamsters in their wheels. Always ‘running’ yet never moving forward. Always captured in their cage of illusion.

And yes this was a brutal mirror for me. Forced me to think even deeper: on what level am I myself not taking the steps necessary to permanently move out of what does not fit me anymore? Ouch. I admit, I nearly completely lost it. For a while, not existing anymore at all seemed the better and even only option left.

My heart, and its compass decided differently. That heart is calling. Loud and clear.

SO much more is possible. Solutions can actually be surprisingly simple and easy if we live from the heart, constantly focussing on the best outcome for everyone, and take ACTION from there, ONE step first. No, we do not have to know nor see the whole road…. yet allow it to unfold its unexpected beauty as we go IF we step out of fear and into self-love…. which actually is the most altruistic state of mind.



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Dominica Eyckmans

little addition, might be helpful to some: http://goo.gl/qaKCPQ

“De mantel van de lieve vrede ziet er misschien glanzend mooi uit doch de binnenkant zit vl doornen en zal degene die eronder zit doorboren. Wie de mantel der liefde draagt heeft de mantel van de lieve vrede niet nodig.”

“When a man must force himself to be faithful in his love, this is hardly better than unfaithfulness. “-Francois de La Rochefoucauld. —- the person one needs to be faithful to, is one-self; to the bone, to the core, beyond ‘worldly stuff, issues, rules, challenges’.

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