Week§9: The Mirror

On my Heroes Journey — the journey back to my essence, right into the core of my heart, my True Identity as a soul, my true purpose — it was unexpected but inevitable to encounter my twin flame, my Mirror Self.

That one and only ‘Other Self’ that is the perfect ‘mirror’ of what is going on in the deepest and even most ‘forgotten’ and ‘ignored’ corners of my soul (and vice versa….. another fascinating journey to witness….)…. As I grow (at times reluctantly) stronger on this roller-coaster-path of mine (ours), I am able to look deeper and deeper in my (our) heart. The mirror shows me clearly all limiting beliefs, all outgrown patterns and behaviors that once may have served to survive but are now inhibiting Life, all fears, all ‘forgotten’ and ‘pushed away’ negativity, all old wounds, all repressed hurts that I so desperately tried to forget about… and it show it all with accuracy and ‘brutal honesty’ (mirroring them back in reflections that are actually covered up in fear-inspired lies, how ironic…. ).

It is QUITE the challenge to look it all straight in the eye, learn the ‘lessons’, FEEL it so that it can finally be healed and transformed….. all without attaching again to it, but on the contrary de-taching it from any illusion of ‘identity’…. applying all the MKE-principles, step by step…. removing one wall after the other in that heart of mine, of ours. Eliminating all separation on all levels within, and therefor ultimately without. Removing all ‘compartments’ in the heart…. allowing it to be whole again…. Ah, patience……


And realizing that when you look in that mirror and finally have the courage (which at times is ‘imposed’ by your –other– soul, because there is no other way and it is TIME…)– so when you have the courage to REALLY look and meet yourself through that mirror self, through that mirror soul and what you see is ….. only black…….. that actually means that you in fact are not looking deep enough yet. The black you encounter is ‘only’ the stuff you need to face, heal and ‘clear’, your Shadows. (But yes, it can be ugly, painful, sticky, extremely frightening, seemingly unsurmountable….)

Keep ‘in mind’ (well, mostly ‘in heart’…) that underneath that, in the Core of your Core, there is ONLY love.

A love BEYOND love, a love that is mostly still not understood. Because it also takes a LOT of courage to allow yourself to FEEL that, to acknowledge it, to LIVE it, to BE it and EXPRESS it….. but it IS there, and it is the biggest alchemistic force that exists, transforming all the ‘black’ you may encounter on your journey towards You uniting and blending together again with your Mirror Self in bliss. An inevitable process, how ever much you try to resist it and run away from it…. because it is inspired and guided by Life itself, by Truth, Love, Light, by the heart of your heart, by your very soul and the soul of the Other Self. Because ultimately they are already One. The outer circumstances are merely the illusion that serves as canvas to bring up the unhealed stuff in the mirror…..

Yes, I am ‘guilty as charged’: I keep forgetting this at times because it CAN get really ‘ugly’, scary, even ‘cruel’, and seemingly ‘hopeless’.  Especially when you land in the Dark Night of the Soul while you are on that Heroes Journey…. the abyss…. (here and here are a few interesting links about that, and here’s one more)

Yet  beyond that, I feel blessed to be able to tap into the Twin-connection in the deepest core of my soul, my heart. Beyond all mirrors, by-passing all ‘outer circumstances and ego-stuff’ of both ‘individuals’, there is ONLY Love, that love beyond any love, unconditional, immense, deeper and vaster than any ocean, un-describable, inexplicable but True. And actually, all that really matters. It is eternal, has always been and will always be. It is the very fabric of which you are made. All the rest is futile, illusion, and will dissolve once all the layers of yet un-healed ‘stuff’ are dealt with and gone. As within, so without.

So here’s to my beloved twin, … gratitude beyond gratitude for that Mirror Self of mine. the essence being bliss beyond bliss …. ultimately, and in the eternal Now if we choose to, if we allow it, even in the darkest of ‘nights’. I could not ask for nor imagine a better guide or compass on my road.




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