Week 13: My House in the Mountains

A few weeks ago, actually Week 11, during the sit concentrating on ‘Whatsoever things ye desire (…) believe that ye receive them and ye shall have them’ I had an insight about one of the goals in my DMP that ‘got hooked’ into my consciousness. I didn’t talk about it then, because other stuff was going on as well that was more ‘important’ at that time, and also, actually as it turns out because that particular insight I want to talk about now needed some time to ‘incubate’ further.

So, now first I have to talk a bit about ‘my shapes’. When we were asked to link 2 shapes to our PPNs, ‘by coincidence’ (note: I will use this a lot this time, and for convenience’s sake write BC –oh yes, BC, this also means ‘Before Christ’, or symbolically: ‘Before Consciousness’, so the stuff you do intuitively without knowing yet why….which, in this post, BC is extremely well timed with the time of year … if you get what I mean 🙂 ….)

… so: BC I chose the blue rectangle for Autonomy and the red circle for Recognition for creative expression.

Then we were asked to make the sheet with the 4 shapes and write our PPNs and some goals on them, and so the green triangle was called ‘Healing Artist, Artistic Healer’ (with some numbers of course), being my ‘core-business’, my profession, and the yellow square was assigned to ‘My House in the Mountains’ where I want to end up living in a few years. All BC.

Back to that sit during week 11 now. Suddenly I saw My House in the Mountains, represented by the shiny yellow – golden – square, at the end of a rainbow (yes, I know, this is me, Rainbowgirl 🙂 ). Symbolically referring to ‘the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, or ‘somewhere over the rainbow’ if you want. ‘Somewhere over the rainbow lives a girl that I know of, Somewhere, that girl is me’. That magic place where we all want to go to find our bliss, and we think it doesn’t exist. How convenient that I picked that yellow (golden) shape for that, BC ….

And I realized: ‘of course, I have to believe that I already live there’ and Kadzzzinnggg …(not to say ‘BAM’ or ‘BOOM’, hey I’m autonomous, I choose my own success-sounds … 🙂 … and this-one sounds more like Aladdin’s Lamp 🙂 ) I knew that that house is not out-there somewhere. Or, well, it is but: I already live there, that house is ‘me’. I HAVE and AM already everything I will to. It’s there, it just needs to get manifested — in due time. And most importantly: it’s not ‘somewhere’, it’s ‘inside me’. My pot of gold, My House in the Mountains, Me.

OK, next episode. BC, I lived quite a few ‘grand’ adventures last week in my inner mountains’ . Yes they too, they are there, INSIDE me. And that’s where my house is.

So, with all those insights, I stumble on Earl Nightengale’s ‘The Strangest Secret’. BC only now, this week. Thanks, Mark J 🙂 . Dedicated to this course as I am, I do what he asks: I write down on a card what it is I want, ONLY 1 THING. At first I froze: ‘oh but there’s my TWO PPNs, and a few other goals, help…’ but then suddenly lightning struck: it’s My House I want. Because, that contains all the rest. That IS me, my future self, my higher self, my soul. So I write it down. And conditioned as I am in the mean time, I take my crayons and start putting my shapes on the card.

And then all of a sudden, I observe myself drawing a kind of amulet, My Symbol, if you wish…. BC all my intuitive choices fall into place:

Actually I started to draw a heart: true, unconditional love, the beginning of everything.

SymbolAnd then a green triangle, in the core – the heart – of the heart: BC the triangle for me refers to a pyramid, of course, the symbol of power. (I didn’t see it that way before, of course….) …. and yes, it symbolises MY core, the ‘power-house’ of my existence, me being a Healing Artist. It being green: how convenient, BC the color of the heartchakra is…. green, and also green being the color of nature, of all that is ‘organic’…… mjam-mjam.

SymbolAround the triangle: my blue rectangle: autonomy. BC I now see that blue is the color of the sea, water, EMOTIONS, and also of the sky: the MIND, and a rectangle: well structured and IN CONTROL. I ‘reign’ in an autonomous way over my mind and emotions, and am able to express that, creatively. Oh yes: BC: blue is the color of the fifth chakra, the chakra of expression.

SymbolThen I see the perfect spots to put my red circle, actually 2, and how convenient, BC in regard to the Recognition for creative expression, I talk about my soul’s music AND dance. BC, (didn’t see that before either…. actually I’m starting to think that I’m blind 😀 ) circles are the only shapes that ‘move’, they ‘spiral’, and BC those are ‘my engines’ …the stuff that makes my core-business ‘run’… and red is the color of the first chakra: my root.

SymbolAnd then, finally, OF COURSE, how convenient…. the yellow square, ‘My House in the Mountains’ is holding all this, nice and protected, inside ‘Me’, actually that building IS me. Yellow: the third chakra, the Solar Plexus….. the place where stuff gets materialized…

How glorious to suddenly see how intuitive choices are actually well structured and guided and already know where to go and how and why.

Inner Architecture. Links. Bridges.

Yes: believe that you already have it and it shall be given to you.

It’s already there, it always was, I just didn’t see it.

Talk about blind spots.…. 😉 …

I have rooted and tattooed My Amulet in my spiritual heart, and in every cell of my body.






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Wow what a powerful symbol you have to focus on now… that brings together everything that you ARE 🙂

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Thanks for this detailed description of your creative thought process. Fascinating to discover how the different parts of us are connected and communicate, sometimes without our conscious part knowing it…I love your symbol, great post 🙂


    ye it IS fascinating, to see how the self talks to one-self… and carefully plans and takes the time to reveal the steps at exactly the right moment. I’ve noticed this before when composing, and time and time again it’s a blissful and humbling experience to ‘witness’ and live. Those moments when suddenly the veils drop and the inner architecture is revealed are almost the most beautiful moments of the whole creative process, to me. Thanks for liking and responding!


It is amazing how things are piecing together for you. Fabulous post. I love the creativity all flowing from within…..where the power to manifest your dreams lives. Barbara


    thanks a lot Brabara. It is quite magic, but hard work…. ooooh yes…. not a ‘free’ moment… but that’s how I like it, so no complains…. Enjoy your transition into 2016, Happy Applyings! 😉

Daniel Hanscom

Great read, Dominica. I enjoyed the deep symbolism that you tied into all of the colors and shapes. Also loved your take on BC! Amazing insights. Thanks for sharing.


Glad you’re off the roller coaster Dominica, this is so much more restful and peaceful. Perfect for this time of the year. Dave said it all Truly Beautiful. Thank You!

Shelby Nolan

Love this! Just started learning about the chakras and their colors as well as clearing them and keeping them aligned. What a great connection and emblem. Love your energy and enthuuusiasm 🙂


How lovely! Your home in the mountains. I will come have tea with you someday.<3


    ooh yes, that’s the idea 🙂 you will be able to stay there for a few days, I will have guest-rooms, a swimming-pool and a sauna, to enjoy too 🙂 and OF COURSE be able to attend some concerts if you like, or participate yoga-classes, … You will have to persist in patience a bit though, before this inner state will have manifested into the touter place 🙂


Very nice Dominica! It is interesting how we can find things which “wrap up” a wider group of wants and desires. Perfect Health covers a lot of ground, as does a dream house in the mountains. I can’t wait to see a photo of your new home!!!


    well the date for the ‘outer’ manifestation is only 2020, but who knows, I might get there sooner …. 🙂 ….

Charlottes Masterkey

Thank you for sharing..
Great post..


My true Artist friend. Thank you for visiting my blog. I am so happy I visited your’s… it’s been awhile……..I am super happy I did…. no words seem to fit what you have created except one……..well 2…….. “Truly Beautiful.” Thank you for sharing and giving my friend.

Mark E Cotter

This was a fun read! and also very informative on linking and creation. I loved the BC paragraph. You are such a joy!


Had to slow down to read this one to follow your path, Dominca… lol! Loved your connections to the shapes tho’. Your energy is amazing! So is your house in the mountains…


    oh, didn’t you do the Learn to Read Faster -Course? 😀 thanks for the read and the comment 😉

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