Week 19: I EnJoy.

I am in awe.
Still. Again. Constantly. About just about everything.

Afb002#2— I have to admit that I had a hard time ‘staying in my skin’ last week ….. for pure joy …. felt like ‘bubbling over’ constantly, my energies where (still are a bit) kind of ‘playing trampoline underneath my skin’ all the time 😀 .. never ever had so much ‘trouble’ doing my sits…. (still managed though, luckily my Franklin-virtue was ‘discipline’…. SURE chose THAT one VERY well-timed too 😀 )

My last week’s discovery really is turning things around. I suddenly see an understand SO much mechanisms in ‘my ways’ that were messing things up on all kinds of levels and in all kinds of magnitudes in my existence.

Like this creepy ‘thingie’ for example …. :

…. I only now suddenly feel being ABLE to add in the ‘financial compartment’ ( 😉 ) of my DMP that I earn the sum I like to earn by SERVING THE WORLD TO MY BEST POSSIBILITIES using all my talents and skills.

ach, Bitterheid metallic pastel G. van Assche

ach, Bitterheid
metallic pastel
G. van Assche

I didn’t even notice that was missing, because: I actually secretly felt unable to ‘give’ and ‘serve’ , because I seemed to have the conviction that since I had nothing to give anyway (inside it was ‘empty’…) if I DID give, it would be ‘by saving bread that I didn’t even have out of my own mouth’…. and I actually felt (secretly) that whatever I was doing here on earth was just trying to ‘secure me at least a little spot to exist’ because I could not ‘not exist’ how ever hard I would try. That’s not a place to ‘give from’….. annnnddd ….the creepy thingie behind this behavior? Secretly I felt that giving others the possibility to become ‘bigger’ would even more reduce my own space.

I actually felt threatened by mu own innate generosity….VERY secretly, of course,….but yep, I was STUCK in this….

(gloooopppsssss and djeezzesssss….. but that’s apparently how it functioned down there WAY deep and VERY unconsciously and NOT AT ALL ‘in tune’ with who I REALLY am. Boy do I understand a LOT about what did not work in my life now….)

Luckily my true self still was just a tiny bit stronger than this conviction so most of the time I DID manage to give a compliment, a reinforcement, some money if I had some to give, help in any way that was asked — often spontaneously, and yes sometimes I ‘forced’ myself into doing so because I felt that I ‘had to’ — but if I’m honest to the bone: afterwards I almost always felt bad about myself, very subtly. Why? I only just figured this out: because I would get angry at myself that by doing and giving what I did (helping someone else becoming ‘more’, ‘better’, ‘bigger’, …), I just made life for myself even more difficult and there would be almost a panicking feeling of ‘so what about me now….? help! Soon I REALLY will end up without any ‘space’ at all …. WHY the heck did I just DO that?’ (aaaargghhhhh…… but OK, I understand now…..) ….. and a few more ‘issues of that kind’, all rooted in this one ‘recognition-issue’…. so I also understand much better now the ‘being false’ – issue of week 17a ….

The Key metallic pastell G. van Assche

The Key
metallic pastell
G. van Assche

But… relief!!!….. since I started to fill myself with the essence of my ‘little me’ in that video, and started using my power to CREATE  what I really needed — that recognition for who I am — and stating over and over again that I allowed myself to give it to myself AND to receive and accept it,  I gradually started to feel ABLE to SIMPLY give, whatever….. WHAT a relief…. WHAT a great feeling ….. this really is ‘my key’ that gradually is unlocking myself now. Yippeee 🙂

And also since last week I started understanding this: (thanks Haanel!)

What do we give? Thought. What do we get? Thought.

So anyway: it doesn’t really matter so much WHAT it is you give or receive…. we set the universal mind in motion with our thoughts, and we are power-houses that can use our individual minds to transform any thought-energy that we GET (even if it would be –perceived as a –‘negative’ one…..) into the frequency that we need at any given moment. IF we use our minds ‘correctly’. We decide. (well, we CAN 😉 ). And so we can also GIVE whatever it is that is needed at any time, even if we don’t feel like ‘having’ what is ‘needed’. ‘Just’ giving attention, giving it thought, will provide the energy and motion that can be transformed into whatever it is that is needed.

That, by the way, sounds to me now like ‘True Autonomy’. (hi there, PPN that I still did not completely understand — and I only now understand that I didn’t….. 😀 …. )

Suddenly my health is improving a lot too. This ‘True Autonomy’ that I finally ‘recognize‘ (!!) and start to use is also intrinsically linked to, and now fed by, my ‘True Recognition’ (see last week) and is now definitely transforming old, deeply hidden emotions and stuck (unconscious) convictions (all ‘thought-patterns’) that were buried in my tissues which led to a few ‘health-issues’. And so this transformation is now also coming to the physical level… hello ‘True Health’ … ! 🙂 … and oh, yesssss!: I am finally regaining my technique on my instrument, and some things are even already going better than ever before!!!! I am REALLY over the moon with joy about that! AND GRATEFUL!!! 🙂 🙂

Kundalini metallic pastel G. van Assche

metallic pastel
G. van Assche

And this week, oh symbolically ….. ON my birthday (49, by the way, and oh, one day before I had an intuition to re-read Haanel 16 …. about ‘the sevens’…. so yes, I am entering a complete new cycle…… WAW WAW WAW, my timing in this course, and even DOING this course THIS year, is BRILLIANT — even if I say so myself … 😀 ) but so on my birthday I felt a completely new energy and insight bubbling up:

already for a while I had altered the ‘mantra’ into ‘I am HERE, NOW, whole, perfect, etc’, because I definitely needed to ‘incarnate’ more into ‘now’… and so suddenly I noticed myself reciting in my head, and sincerely FEELING it: ‘I ENJOY being here, now, whole, perfect etc’.

I could not believe my own thoughts when I noticed, and was very surprised by this feeling I did not even really know. Well, of course I ‘kind of’ enjoyed my life and stuff, but it hit me that, no, actually I NEVER EVER before REALLY enjoyed it, never ‘felt entitled to do so’, heartfelt, to the bone, INside my bones.

Finally, I’m here.

I enjoy my wonderful, magical mind, I enjoy my amazingly performing body,


…… I enjoy BEING.

(now THAT is even a bigger and deeper insight and revelation to me than last week’s….)

And now for the very first time, I REALLY feel that yes, everything IS possible, ALSO FOR ME. It’s not even a ‘belief’ anymore. It is TRUE. It is REAL. Enjoy! 🙂

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Jeanne Dow

You are Nature’s Greatest Miracle!! You do have a very large space in the world already! You are doing great, being open to receiving what the universe wants to reveal to you!!

Katia Papadopoulos

Loved your post! Might try those words in my ‘I am whole…’;)

    Dominica Eyckmans

    oh thanks, and be my guest, by all means, use those words! 🙂 they really did the magic for me!


I loved reading your post because joy is expressing itself in each sentence, and that’s really wonderful…I was especially touched by the fact that you were regaining your technique on your instrument, and that your health was improving too. These are the PROOFS that you are indeed enjoying being you! As one of my mentors, Mickhael Aivanov, says, we are the king or the queen of a 60 trillions cells population, and if we send them joy and love, then they will behave accordingly 🙂 Thanks for this great moment of joy reading your sharing 🙂

    Dominica Eyckmans

    oh thanks Luc 🙂 …. and yes, I truly believe that the process of regaining my health actually started in the beginning of the course when I understood that ‘by serving my cells the best possible conditions for them to be able to be at their best possible best so to speak, they would serve me back at that same level.’ I wrote that somewhere in a post so many weeks ago. And I have been consistently working on and with that, and and that’s what brought a few conditions and persons in my life (also thanks to you 😉 ) that helped me a great deal with that, and now it really starts to manifest. That is really really fantastic. I always knew that that is how it works, but I never really felt that ‘I’ had access to that, for reasons that I only now started to realize. Still a lot to work to be done, still training that mind, but ‘the shift’ is going on and unstoppable :).

Robert Rea

Dominica, As I read the words and the meaning, what I felt is a woman who is coming ALIVE, she is seeing things differently, she is loving Life and in wonder of the Mystery that is unfolding before her very eyes. How wonderful is that. You are in this Journey with us, we are going in the same direction but different paths, connected by our Spirits. What a Blessing you are in the World to add your life to it.
Happy Birthday and Valentine’s day as well.

    Dominica Eyckmans

    yep, and the ‘funny’ thing is, that I thought that I already WAS alive and son as you write, I had already done a lot of work prior to the MKE, but THIS I did not know was possible and I only discovered now what I was missing…
    I am SO grateful for this, and for all the people in it that helped make this possible, ALL of them, yes, including you. xxx

Bob Watkins

Dominica, I like you have begun experimenting with changing the architecture of my 3X day readings and cards. I see you have incorporated I AM into the mantra. I have always felt the power of those words and add it when an emotional kick or focus seems lacking. Like proper breathing, it always brings power and emphasis where subby tells me I should place it.

Thanks so much for sharing your experience and lighting our paths with your candle 🙂

    Dominica Eyckmans

    ah yes, the breathing, that also has changed since all this ‘stuff’ started bubbling up last week, and this indeed brings huge changes in lots of ways too!
    thanks for reading, replying and sharing! 🙂

Cathy Hallihan

Nicely done! Enjoy each day and happy birthday?

    Dominica Eyckmans

    thanks 🙂 yes the days are VERY different now, just because my ‘basic’ feeling has changed. Wonderful!

Rex Peterson

Happy Birthday Dominica! Hmmm, the Universe really understands timing, doesn’t She? Don’t forget to be a “receiver” as well. The gratitude cards spell this out clearly, “I promise to be a grateful receiver of the gifts that surround me, pausing often and noticing nature, kindnesses, smiles and compliments, which I gladly receive with a ‘Thank You’.”. I was lacking in the ability to be a receiver, specifically, when someone would thank me I would dismiss it in “oh, it was nothing” or, “no, thank You”. It takes effort to smile and say “You are welcome”, but it feels REALLY good!

    Dominica Eyckmans

    thanks Rex, and yes, the ‘receiver’-part was a tricky one for me too, but got addressed last week 😉 …. and yes, this too is evolving. But was not ‘as topic’ as the ‘I enjoy being’. Or well, it is: it’s a gift from me to me to be able to enjoy, I first had to give permission for it AND then be able to receive and accept it, as it was with the ‘recognition’ last week. So: all covered, but yes still in evolution 🙂


Well done “little you”. You’re getting rid of so many blind spots, I assume you need dark glasses 😉 . You’re “Inside my bones” paragraph is brilliant. Asking myself this hard question, its a real toughie. Well done on you’re conclusion. Happy 49th birthday.

    Dominica Eyckmans

    thanks dear friend. Yes, that particular paragraph really is a ‘biggie’ for me, really accepting that I actually AM entitled to BE, not just ‘exist’, on the deepest possible level, and REALLY feeling that, awakening this feeling in EVERY little cell of my being…. that is very ‘waw’. Just finished my sit, and I am still working on that, to really really really let this energy sink in every cell, penetrate every cell, ‘beam it into every cell and thought-pattern, soak every cell in it. And on the horizon I already start feeling some deeper hidden blind spots ‘blinking’ (haha, so now ‘blind spots’ can ‘blink’ 😀 seems I don’t have to search for them anymore, they start to present themselves almost willingly 😀 …. I’m curious …. but: ENJOYING the process 🙂
    stay tuned! 😀

Monica F Power

Thanks for sharing your progressions and the impact you are experiencing. May you continue to ENJOY!!!

    Dominica Eyckmans

    doing just that 🙂 and new ‘stuff’ is already appearing on the horizon… enjoying being on the discovery-road.. 🙂
    thanks for reading!

Robert Gardner

Sounds like you’re finding your power within. Great job. Thanks for sharing…!

Dave Bernstrom

Easy to see…..”little me” is blossoming into the beautiful flower it always was. Can’t top what Marj said, so will just say “ditto” and very, Very Happy for you D!

Marj Bernstrom

I love this – you posted this “tomorrow” (for me) Lovely!!! Grinning from ear to ear in happiness for you!!!!! Waw!!! Awesomeness abounds! The stars are shining on you! Happy Happy Birthday! and Years -all of them from now ON!!!!

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