…who are you, really?

So here I am, in the middle of huge changes all around, earthquakes, volcanoes, flash-floods, droughts, immense wild-fires, hail-storms, out-of-your-mind thunderstorms with plasma-lightnings that make nights look like it’s the middle of the day…..  and all this change of our ‘physical’ world that is going on is just the beginning. Frightening? I admit, yes. But also: exciting, thrilling…..

‘As within, so without’. Or let me turn it around: ‘As without, so within.’

Our (living!) planet is having herself a ‘make-over’, finally unleashing and cleansing herself from long overdue suppressed unexpressed ignored feelings, hurts, anger, abuse, ….. and what if that is a reflection of what is going on inside of US, globally? Yes, ‘us’ as One collective inter-linked Consciousness that has just about reached or is not far from reaching that pivotal point of the Critical Mass… thanks to all the work that a growing number of ‘individuals’ have been doing, inside. Because this change became inevitable.

“Digging out” who they REALLY are, underneath layers and layers of conditioning, questionable ‘education’, mis-information by main-stream media, …. living their lives in ‘quiet desperation’, while denying their true nature, their true beauty, their magnificent power, light, talents, Love,……

It takes courage, LOTS of courage to go there, to answer ‘the Call’ of your soul, to embark on your true Heroes Journey and become who you always were but had forgotten…..

Yes, it is hard at times, very hard, can be dark, very dark, inner earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, thunderstorms with hailstorms, flash-floods of emotions of all kinds ….. but the reward is …… well there is nothing like it. It’s pure bliss. It’s YOU.

“Passivity” Britt-Ingrid Persson, 1938

And part of the immense beauty is also that every one person that ‘goes for it’ has an effect on everything and everyone else, un-knowingly. Every one person matters, and has a massive impact on the collective change, of humanity, of society…. and on the planet. Every one individual that accepts the challenge brings us closer to that quite magical ‘point of no return’ of the Critical Mass where it all ‘flips’ and changes FAST.. into a new world, with new rules… the rules of the Heart. We can no longer live ‘blinded by our minds’. (The planet is not even allowing it anymore, that’s how close we are!)

Ask yourself….. how do you want to FEEL? What feelings do you want to experience in your existence, on a daily, minute-after-minute basis? Search, truly, deeply, even if you have no words for them (yet) or see yourself as a ‘rational’ being….. you KNOW your True Essence, your Core Identity, however deep it may be hidden. It IS, it FEELS, in a very specific unique way that is You. Maybe THAT’s how you can identify it, by recognizing, REMEMBERING that ‘state of being’, that Core-Feeling.

And yes, you are allowed to experience yourself like this, to BE this, to LIVE it, to live your TRUTH.

More so: it may very well be your….. duty. Your responsibility. Towards yourself, and every one and everything else.

And then…. knowing how you want to Feel (or better said, remembering it, how your Essence ‘feels’)….. what activities do you see yourself doing that you absolutely KNOW that make you feel like that?

In what circumstances? What surroundings? Where? How? ……… that is You. That is your Life. And the best service you can ‘deliver’ to All. Automatically, effortlessly.

Now Go for it…..create it by living it, inside. And observe it ‘rippling out’.

Hear and trust the truth and guidance of your Heart and the wisdom of your body and your Essence. Listen to it, surrender to it, and act upon it spontaneously in all circumstances, thus serving the highest good of All, always. 

And as the world around us — the whole planet — is changing massively, ‘doing the work’ on the inside may very well be the best way to cope and to adjust to a new surrounding that none of us can foresee how it is going to be. Seems crystal clear to me that none of the ‘old-world-rules’ will be sustainable any more. We truly enter unknown territory, and it is US who are the creators of how that new world is going to look like and ‘function’. Our choice, your choice…. choose wisely… with your Heart, your Essence.

But…. How…..? Consider the MasterKeyCourse to dig out your Essence, and learn some cool tricks and tips…. to practically take charge of your mind and subconscious…… so the Heart can open up to you and reveal you to yourSelf…..

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It’s absolutely WORTH it. “The fact that you are not where you REALLY want to be, should be motivation enough.”


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Cristina Flueras

Always interesting to read you! So much to learn from your insights and wisdom.

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