Week 14 b: Cool Medals

OK, I needed to write my previous blog (Week 14, be sure to read it before reading this-one 😉 ) to get to the real stuff. There was something that had been shimmering for a while, not really a blind spot anymore, but Good Ol’Bluie did everything he could to make me look at all […]

Week 13: My House in the Mountains

A few weeks ago, actually Week 11, during the sit concentrating on ‘Whatsoever things ye desire (…) believe that ye receive them and ye shall have them’ I had an insight about one of the goals in my DMP that ‘got hooked’ into my consciousness. I didn’t talk about it then, because other stuff was going on […]

Week 12: ….. aha ….

WHAT a week that has been…. up-down-up-down …. 8 … I have lived through SO much, discovered and uncovered, bumped into, nailed and failed, laughed my heart to pieces and cried my heart out, trembled for tremendous fear and tremendous thrill and bliss, had incredible fun and incredible heartache, went all the way down and […]

Week 11: inside a PDF-wheel

well-well, what a week. Lots of glimpses of insights have been popping op all week long. Popping up, and disappearing again in the turmoil of the extremely hectic days, where about every hour some person or event also popped up in my life “to play it’s role”, being “the role I designed for them”: being my […]

Week 10 : Res(e)t

Last month has been an extremely intense month, with a professional dead-line at the very last day — a deadline I created shortly after getting into the MasterKey: finishing a composition for viola, voice and string ensemble. I DID it. In time. As programmed. The whole process was incredibly intense and in an almost magical […]

Week 8b: the other boat-story

Just wanted to share this ‘little miracle-story’ that happened actually before I had the insights I talked about in my main Week8 post. Last monday, immediately after my very first sit ‘with Haanel’s boat’, and when it had become clear that the boat was ‘me’, I had to go to an appointment.