Week 10 : Res(e)t

Last month has been an extremely intense month, with a professional dead-line at the very last day — a deadline I created shortly after getting into the MasterKey: finishing a composition for viola, voice and string ensemble. I DID it. In time. As programmed. The whole process was incredibly intense and in an almost magical […]

Week 8b: the other boat-story

Just wanted to share this ‘little miracle-story’ that happened actually before I had the insights I talked about in my main Week8 post. Last monday, immediately after my very first sit ‘with Haanel’s boat’, and when it had become clear that the boat was ‘me’, I had to go to an appointment.

Week 3 : Solar (com)Plexus

Week 3 of the MasterMind experience, going down to the core. Great, this is why I’m in this. About 9 months ago due to a car-accident, I got quite a severe whiplash, which also affected the nervus vagus. Because of this, among other symptoms, my stomach-area came into the picture, mostly the tension that was there. Was, […]