Week§2: Stability

Been contemplating ‘stability’ lately after hearing someone stating this: “I need stability in my life to feel fine” — as seemingly being a core-need. First of all…. is ‘feeling fine’ what life is really about? How about… thrilled, exhilarated, intensely alive and kicking and soaked in profound well-being and bliss, over the moon with joy, […]

Some thoughts

As I navigate through some extremely intense and interesting ‘times’ and you might easily say ‘portals into new realities’, my desire to communicate about it was/is temporary not very present. I find it difficult to put what I experience at the moment into ‘language’. But nevertheless, ‘stuff’ pops up to my attention every now and […]

Week#22a: Silence, please…

Woopsss…. as I was advancing quite steadily and lately with accelerated pace on my path, following my inner compass (that was showing me very clear directions for considerable time now) I suddenly seemingly out of the blue ended up in inner turmoil that threw me off track rather painfully. A huge storm on ‘calm waters’ […]