I got ‘struck’ by a selection of ‘lightnings’ lately (again…. story of my life since a while as it seems…), starting with the amazing similarity between what once was an incredibly symbolic¬† ‘pure imagination’, and now found its match in ‘reality’…:

… oh ….

…. this just popped up in my mind, with an ‘urgency to share’-label attached to it…. :   “Dearest One…. please know that you are immensely, completely and deeply loved…. in a way, to a degree and on a level you most probably never consciously experienced before….. regardless of whatever whenever…. Remember….. and never forget.. […]


I bumped into a version of this epic song that I didn’t know. And it made me contemplate even more. Do we really know what it’s all about, in essence? You think you ‘get’ it, that you know ‘your path’, that your choices are ‘what they are supposed to be’ (according to what/who, of course……) […]

the ‘Why’.

Sharing a text that is absolutely ‘spot-on’, and the ‘why’ of everything lived ‘on the journey’, the ‘why’ I even exist. Even if I have not written it myself, it describes ‘me’ perfectly. … You could see it as me finally coming ‘out of the closet’….

On … a few things.

It’s been a while…. diving deep, deeper than ever before. Sensing and discovering so much… wanting to share so much, but somehow lacking the energy to put it into words and write it down… And therefor, grateful for ‘bumping into’ a few writings and quotes of other souls that express very closely some of the […]